Can i dig up a clover plant(the one you look for 4leaf clovers) and plant it in a planter and will it live?


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It is possible to dig up and transplant almost any plant, the key to success is avoiding "shock".shock can occur from a number of reasons. The most basic explanation is that you are changing the plants original enviroment, and this cause stress to the plants cells and root structure. The best way to transplant a patch of clovers would be to use a knife or shovel and cut a 4-6 inch square around your target, taking the surrounds clovers as well, I have done this for my tortoise's home, as he eats clovers on occasion, be sure to use a container of a suitable size, and water the soil after transplant, in addition, you may need to use a few pinches(very small pinches) of plant food with the water(be sure to fully mix) but do not use to much, this will kill the plant.if you want to isolate the clover within the cut patch, try using a small open ended, transparent tube of glass or other suitable material, such as a (very large) pen or marked, do not cover the plant completely, this will cut of air and kill it as well.
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Thanks although i found it in a area where there was nothing but dryed dirt and trash.. Its tiny too... But how much sunlight does it need?
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Look at the area it came from at different times of the day and watch for sun, shade and moisture is there dew in the mornings? Temps may be a part of it. If it's growing well in the area(s) taken from, that ought to suggest some soil requirements as well. Water every two to three days or as needed

filtered sun light has worked best for clover here. Although there iare other varieties in my lawn with direct sun light all day.
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I've moved clover by the shovel with-out problems, sure.. Sometimes they wilt a little at first but pop right of it. Lilac has been the only problem when transplanting for me, I picked up a 5 gal ceramic container and pulled the roots out of the ground along with it. It went into shock right away and died in a few days later. Which surprised me. Never had that happen before.

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