If safety rules are ignored in biology lab, then the risk are?


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If safety rules are ignored in a biology lab then there would be many consequences that you would have to face for not taking safety as a priority. First of all some things that are used in a lab may be harmful to the skin and can leave rashes or other serious things. Another consequence if rules are ignored is if you are not wearing safety googles whatever you are experimenting on can get into your eyes and burn them especially if it is something that is poisonous to the skin. So there are many consequences to not following rules in a biology lab!!
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How keep safe working enviroment in  a lab:-

to wear safety glasses at all times in the laboratory; • when to use personal protective equipment (e.g. Laboratory coat, gloves, face mask, face shield);  to keep their workspace safe, clean and tidy; • when and how to use safety facilities, e.g. Fume-hood or protective shield;  how to handle, store and dispose of samples and chemicals in a safe manner; how to deal with spillages; what to do in the event of a fire; 
Storage of equipment o apparatus should be stored correctly, for example, pipettes should be placed on a pipette stand, flasks should be stored in cupboards; o glassware should never be left on benches and/or in fume cupboards; o label all cupboards and/or drawers where the equipment is to be kept. • Chemicals/reagents o after using chemicals and reagents, always ensure that they are returned to their correct location, e.g. Shelf/storage cupboard; o ensure that chemicals and reagents are stored correctly (refer to manufacturer’s guide and note any special conditions such as storing in the fridge and/or preventing exposure to light); o be familiar with the appropriate storage facilities (e.g. Safety cabinets) and procedures (e.g. Keep oxidising agents away from easily oxidised chemicals/materials); o always replace and tighten lids correctly; o dispose of any chemicals that have time expired and are no longer of any use;

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