What Started Evolution?


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To understand the best scientific theory currently proposed you first need to understand a couple of other things:
1) Energy = Matter. Every atom has at least one proton (positive energy charge and actual mass)
2) Science cannot explain absolutely everything. My explanation of this is from a simple understanding and doesn't go into many technicalities.

The idea is that in the beginning there was a single point of energy, condensed much like the singularity of a black hole. This point was full of both positive (protons) and negative (electrons) energy particles. Electrons move at an extreme rate, electrons collided with protons and the first atom was formed, hydrogen. As more hydrogen was formed larger particle collisions started to occur and a coherent mass was formed, expanding outward from the original point. At this time everything in our relatively small universe was superheated (heat = kinetic energy) and so everything was in a plasmid state. At the center of this mass hydrogen collide with each other to form the next periodic element, Helium. The universe continues to expand and suns continue to produce heavier elements, from time to time they explode spreading these base elements and compounds until they eventually are sucked in by another star's gravity. That is how science believes the universe began and it has some pretty compelling evidence for it, the way that other systems are moving away from us, left over radiation to name two.

As for how evolution began in the first place, the official story is that clay deposits near underwater volcanoes were the host to the first life form. Carbon structures grow quite nicely on clay and with some energy and lack of oxygen the bottom of the ocean next to a volcanic vent would be the perfect place to grow life. The thing about carbon proteins and enzymes is that if you have a host for it to grow on (clay) some energy (volcano) and a whole bunch of luck (a few hundred-million years) if the right amount of carbon bonds it will almost always bond to a specific shape, that is why our DNA is a recipe rather than a blueprint.

I hope this helped, if you have more technical questions I suggest you find a more in depth site.
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The question you're asking here is far too broad. You seem to be asking about the beginning of the universe rather than biological evolution.

At one point the entire universe was compressed down to a single point and expanded outwards. The single point was just raw energy and from this it becomes things like atoms as it expands. Where this point came from and what was there to cause it to expand is a trickier question because not only was matter created with the big bang but so was time itself.
Asking what happened before time just doesn't make much sense.

Most people seem to insert God at this point. I don't believe that myself but essentially we don't really know about much until after the big bang occurred.

As for actual life, we don't know how exactly that started either but we know it started with a chain of self replicating chemicals. Basically just a few molucules thrown together that reacted with it's environment to makes copies of itself. Again some people insert God at this point, I don't believe that myself but we don't know enough yet to clearly describe the process.
What we know is that once a very simple form of life started the process of natural selection caused, over billions of years this original life to split off into every living thing you see today.
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In the right conditions, chemicals clump together and form extremely simple cell-like structures. Over time, these clumped together and began to reproduce. After every generation there was a mutation in the species. If that mutation was beneficial (you could have a mutation of an extra leg - not very helpful, or something like claws - which would be helpful), then that species would survive longer, or be better at surviving, in order to pass on its genes, and eventually there would be many many more of that species passing on its genes, until another mutation occurs. Of course different environments called for different survival skills (a thick coat of fur might help in cold regions, but not in hot regions). The creatures that migrated there would evolve differently from others, thats when speciation occurs, its why we have polar bears and black bears.

The universe was started by a huge cataclysmic explosion, the Big Bang. It was an explosion of pure energy, some of which condensed into matter. The universe eventually cooled and stars and planets formed after billions of years. Before the Big Bang - nobody knows for sure, but so far the most plausible theory is that it was a collision with another universe, creating a huge amount of heat and energy. You may want to google "Many Worlds Theory" or "M theory" to learn more.
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I think we complicate the most simple things. It's all very clear when looking at it from a spiritual realm. 99.9 percent of our time is consumed with things of the natural. We never tap into our spiritual being, We've taught ourselves to only see and accept the norm.This is why were wondering in the wilderness.
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Nothing started evolution, it ain't true.
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So we belive in evolution, but when we die we belive we go somewhere else ie heaven, how is that possible. What Bullcrap this whole evolution things is. And it just started with C Darwin, before then, ? Hello? Yes!! What Crap the world has come to.

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