Why Is Gravity Good For Us?


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Well for one, it keeps our feet on the ground. It is because of collaboration between our weight and gravity that keeps us from spinning away into space. It helps us in walking other wise we would just float about along with all the other things like trees etc. The earth’s gravitational pull, attracts everything towards it. After Newton gave us the idea that objects have a gravitational pull on the near by objects, we have been able to study planets, the distances between them, the mass of the sun without actually going there.
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First answer is wrong! Earth doesnt pull everything towards it and gravity and weight are not collaborated. They are indicative of one another. All objects with a mass generate gravity. We generate gravity, so does the Earth. Because the Earth is so huge its gravitational pull is enough to keep us (smaller objects) grounded.

Gravitational environment (the mass beneath your feet) plus your mass equals your weight.

As for why its good for you, thats quite simple. Gravity affects you from the moment you are concieved. In fact it has affected the evolution of your species since day one. You are designed to work within the gravitational environment of this planet. That is why it is good for you.

You need gravity, simple as that.
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Well for one thing it keeps are feet on the ground
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It keeps our feet on the ground

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