Why Does Someone Weigh Less On The Moon Than On Earth?


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The difference in weight is all to do with the force of gravity. When an adult is standing on Earth the force of gravity draws the body downwards, giving it a weight – an adult man may weight 200 kilograms.

The force of gravity of a planet becomes weaker the further you travel away from the planet, so as the same adult man goes into space to travel to the Moon, he weighs less because there is less force of gravity acting on his body.

When he is on the Moon, he is not weightless but he weighs less than he weighs on Earth because the force of gravity exerted by the Moon is a lot less than that exerted by the Earth. This is because the Moon is a smaller solid mass and so has less pull on the man's body. This is why astronauts who have done Moon walks need to wear space suits that have lots of weights built into the feet of the suit. Even so, they find it very difficult to walk in any way normally as their body tends to bounce up and almost float between steps.
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On the moon, there is a sixth of the amount of gravity as we have on Earth, therefore, if you were to weigh 60 pounds on Earth, due to the Earth's strong gravity, if you were to be on the moon, you would weigh only 10 pounds, because of the Moon's not-so-strong gravity.

Alternatively, if you find this interesting, Jupiter has the strongest gravity out of all the planets which orbit the Sun.
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Because gravity on the moon is a lot less than gravity on the earth

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