What Are Different Favorable Conditions For The Origins Of Life?


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According to the study of earth, earth came into being some billion years ago. At that time temperature of the earth was too high, but at later stages it cooled down.

It's a fact that steam condense into water that result into the formation of oceans. Scientist believed that the gases like helium, hydrogen, ammonia and water vapors were present at that time. According to scientist all these conditions existed before the creation of life on earth.

Now if we consider what the main requirements for existence of life.That are for sure first unicellular came into existence. So, logically for survival oxygen, water, salt, protein all these things must be present. A specific range for survival of life is required. It is believed that after cooling of earth organic matter had been formed. Such a simple cell has capability of reproduction as well to prepare food for its own existence. That cell must contain enzymes, nucleic acid, fats around it. All living beings are contains protoplasm's that's a living matter. Our body is composed of different cells, which are of different shapes and sizes. Each cell is responsible for the function of its organ. The cells are composed of both organic and inorganic matters.
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Existence of several favourable conditions together gives the required opportunity for the origin of life. Mother's wombs on earth are the perfect place to support the origin of life; and the situation there can be studied in detail to find the exact truth (if opportunity comes at re-birth, you may do the re-search). However, a specific temperatures range, sufficient light, ideal atmospheric pressure, availability of water, oxygen, etc. are considered as the most essential conditions to trigger off and support the origin of life in a place. Few other important conditions for supporting lives are the availability of sun like star with stable and continuous power output; a dedicated well-defined and nearly circular orbit for the planet at a safe uniform distance from the sun (the respective central star); plenty availability of the molecules, such as H,O,C,N,S,P,Ca, etc., required to develop the organic molecules; enough availability of the H2O as they are the best solvent and stable over a wide temperature range; and availability of hydrogen, etc.

The ideal conditions for the origins of life vary with the kind of life cells. For example, the conditions required for the multi-cellular are quite different from the others. However, as the multi-cellular organisms can follow the single cellular, conditions for their (the single cellular) existence can lead to the creation of favourable conditions for the developed lives. And this has exactly happened on the earth, conditions prevailing here are the ideal for supporting the origin of life.

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