What Are The Conditions Necessary For Germination Of Seed?


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Germination is where a plant emerges from its seed and begins to grow. The most common one is a seedling growing from a seed, however there are other ways as well such as growing hyphae from spores. The conditions required for germination may vary depending on the plant, however there are a number of factors that are always required for all types of germination. The most important outside factors are water, oxygen and heat for a plant seed to germinate. Water is taken up by a process called imbibition and is needed for the metabolism of the seed as well as for breaking the seed coat by making the seed swell. The second factor, oxygen is needed so that the seed can respire aerobically to convert its energy stores into energy that it can use for growing. The next factor, heat, is needed for growth, with the temperature affecting the rate of growth. Most seeds also have a range of temperatures between which they will germinate and it is necessary to keep them in that range. Different types and species of seeds have different temperature ranges so it is important to know it for the given plant species. Some plant are also affected by the light, most importantly those growing in forests will only germinate if there is enough light piercing the canopy above them. In conclusion although most seeds differ they all require 3 vital conditions that are water oxygen and hear respectively, with some also needing light to germinate.
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For germination to take place the seed must be viable or living and should have sufficient food for its germination. The following environmental conditions must exist. First is moisture or water, second is air r oxygen and third is suitable temperature.

Through micropyle, the seed absorbs water, which swells it, causing the seed coat to burst. This helps the root to emerge out of seed. Water absorbed by the germinating seed help to activate the enzymes to digest the food of seed, which is made available to the growing embryo. It also helps to elongate hypocotyl and epicotyl, to grow it.

Air is necessary for seed germination because oxidative metabolism usually takes over soon after a plant embryo starts to grow; most seeds require oxygen for germination. So, air is very important for germination as it contains about 21 percent of oxygen, which is used during respiration.

As far as temperature is concerned, germination of seeds occurs over a wide temperature range between 5 to 30 °C. Suitable temperature is necessary for the enzymes to function properly. During early germination of seeds, the vital metabolization of food reserves stored in the embryo cotyledons or the endosperm is mediated by hormones, which in some cases are gibberellin.
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Water Heat and Oxygen. Think of 'WHO'. Light is not required as this happens underground.
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Suitable conditions like temperature and soil are required for seed germination to occur.
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Seeds, in order to germinate, should always be moist or wet. Some seeds need to be with another seed in order to get the germination process active. Put it in a warm place; not in the sun. If you forget to water the seeds, they will dry and eventually die.
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Water/ Moisture, Air (oxygen), warmth, sunlight is not needed for no chlorophyll is present in the seeds (chlorophyll is only found in leaves). All these conditions will ensure the seed gets the stored food inside. (:

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1. Air(oxygen),
3.Optimum temperature
4. A Viable seed
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