What Is The Relationship Between Acid Rain And Corrosion?


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 Yes there is a direct relationship between acid rain and corrosion. When  petroleum burns, it  produces oxides of nitrogen and  that
rise up into the atmosphere.  There they get mixed by wind and undergo chemical
reactions with sunlight and moisture. After some days,  the sulfuric acid and nitric acid particles fall as acid rain. So not only sulphuric acid is involved but nitric acid also plays an important role. Due to acidic features acid rain eats into the stone surfaces at
once. These particles settle into crevices and molding, and
the damage they create comes later. When rain comes in contact with the
deposits  corrosion is there.
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Acid rain is the mixing of different harmful gases such as sulfur and nitrogen and when they mix with rain they form acid rain.The main causes of these harmful gases are cars,various factories and powerplants.Due to the harmful emissions acid rain is formed.As population increases so do all these harmful emissions.One of the main contributors that lead to acid rain are coal powerplants.As to why the corrosion,well when sulfuric acid and the calcium compounds in various buildings and monuments mix together they lead to the creation of gypsum which eventually flakes off leading to corrosion.Acid rain also has many diverse effects on the environment.

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