What Does Geographic Mean?


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Geographic means to be to do with Geography,
" The journey is Geographic " meaning the journey has many elements of geography in it.
Such as "historic" means to do with  History
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Geographic is an adjective meaning of or pertaining to geography. It could be used to mean concerning the topography or geography of a particular region. It could also mean of or pertaining to the science of geography; or determined by geography. In this sense of the term a synonym would be the word geographical.

The word geography comes from the Greek terms Ge or Gaea, meaning "Earth", and the word graphein, which means "to describe" or "to map" or "to write". Geography refers to the discipline or study of the features of the as well as the distribution of life that is observed on the earth. This includes human life and the various effects of human activity. Literally translated it means "to describe the Earth".

The adverb form of geographic is geographically.
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Study earth

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