What Are The Barriers Of Communication?


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The term 'barriers of communication' is usually used when one party is having difficulty communicating with another party, and there can be many things that affect and act as 'the barriers of communication'.
For example, the term may be used when someone of a different language is trying to communicate with somebody that is having difficulty understanding. This would cause a break down of communication and would stretch and affect the barriers of communication and basically be 'lost in translation'.
The term may also be used when the communication is completely disrupted by noise, whether that be interruption via a cell phone, or a loud noise in the background of where the communication is taking place.
The barriers of communication may also be affected if there are problems in the message that is trying to be communicated, i.e. The message is nonsensical, it can't be understood, it is poorly or rudely put across or is aimed at the complete wrong person.
The barriers of communication may also break down if one or more of the communicating parties lack social and conversational skills. In order for communication to be successful and effective, both parties should be willing to listen, acknowledge politely and contribute without interruption. If any of these skills are misplaced, it could result in the barriers of communications being broken and affected.
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We have to understand the communication first it could be defined as.    The transfer of information, ideas or attitude from one person to another. The person who is transferring information is source and the person who is receiving information is receiver.This process is called communication.    In this process three things are important source, receiver and message other wise there will be no communication.                                  Source à Message à Receiver.    There are few things which should be kept in mind during a communication campaign, and if neglected could cause barrier in communication.    1. Communication skill.  2. Knowledge of audience.  3. Attitude.  4. Social cultural context of receiver.  5. Selection of communication channel.  6. Receiver oriented message.      If we don't have proper communication skill, it is the biggest barrier in communication.    Then comes the knowledge of audience, while communicating we should have full awareness of knowledge of our audience, we should know how much our audience know about the message we want to convey. If we keep on conveying our message without knowing the knowledge or awareness of audience chances are there they will not understand the proper meaning of it.      We should have full awareness of attitude of out targeted audience, about the message we are conveying, how they are reacting towards it, and communicator should also have a good attitude while dealing with audience.    Social cultural context of the targeted audience is a very important thing.  If we are communicating something in a manner which is against their society or culture then audience will show a severe reaction towards our message. No society accepts anything which is against their culture or religion.    While keeping in mind our targeted audience we should select a proper communication channel, if our audience is educated and working and have limited time and we are conveying our message for them on T.V then there are vital chances, that message is not conveyed. News paper would be the best channel. Just like that youngsters watch T.V more then they read news paper. Radio will be the best channel for the people who don't have access to T.V, i.e farmers etc.    Message should be receiver oriented should have easy language, should be short which convey the full meaning and understandable.    If any of these things neglected, it will be the barrier in communication.
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Communication involves many considerations. Before it is being carried, it is essential that the manager responsible for executing the message gets fully prepared about how, when and by what means to execute.

We often develop certain practices that appear as a major handle to smooth flow of communication. Such practices may be termed as barriers. The barriers are as follows:

1. Poor organization of ideas, awkward structure in adequate vocabulary, empty words and phrases in a confusing manner.

2. Message flows from higher level to lower level and back. In course of its flow it often passes through different levels of organization structure. This happens sue to carelessness on the part of those responsible for communicating it.

3. Even the most properly worded message may fail to serve its relevant and important, although it is not the case. Such act is known as assumption without clarification as specific reason. It is termed as unclarified assumptions.

4. Sometimes, a subordinate assures something believing that it is relevant and important, although it is not the case. Such act is known as assumption without clarification as specific reason.

5. Message involving some basic changes in person or other things must give time to the person for whom they are meant to adjust for the change.
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To overcome communication barriers make sure to first know the person with whom you are communicating to. Then, design your message in such way that is most easily understandable by the one whom you are communicating to, that is, It should be free from words that receiver cannot understand o may find abusive.
Now, Medium of communication should be selected that would pass on message effectively and without distortions. Like If message can be most effectively delivered by a phone call then conveying message through E-mail should be avoided especially when spontaneous response is required and chances of distortions are great.
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Caused when people pretend/fail to accept the world of other lie to themselves that thier world is the only world..lie that thier lack makes it impossible to accept the way of others.
The only truth is that we have a God who created everything..his thoughts are not our thoughts..his ways are not our ways..he is all present, all knowing, all powerful. If we accept that and love him we will seek to know the differences in people because they are of him and in this process lay ourselves as nothing;by so doing become humble to him and equal to all even if they are our enemies. THAT IS THE SPIRIT THAT ENABLES COMMUNICATION.

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