Why Do Black People Called Themselves Slang Names, But Get Offended When White People Call Them The Same Name?


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I feel it is because the world has gone mad with political correctness and people seeing offence when none is intended. My grandmother was white and lived in South Africa in about 1890 and she told me that the reason black people were referred to as niggers was because the original people used in slavery came from the River Niger area. I feel it is no different to calling a person originating from London as a Londoner. Lots of countries have their names cut short to give names to the residents; Scots - Scotland, Brits - British, yet it is now politically incorrect to call someone from Pakistan a Paki which is an obvious abbreviation of the country. Some nicknames originated from food - the French were frogs, Germans krauts because of sauerkraut, English pommy from the French word for apples.

One TV presenter found herself in trouble when she referred to someone looking like a golliwog. It was his hairstyle she was referring to. When I was young I loved my golliwog toy with its black, bushy hairdo. We even proudly collected metal broaches in the shape of different gollywogs off jam jars. It was because we LIKED them we collected them.

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Wow someone has a chip on their shoulder,but blacks are here now and you gotta love it and live and let live,I wonder how blacks feel, they have come a long way from the hangings and other totures by others,and the hatred for them still linger....the best to you
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It is a matter of permission.

The reason is the same one that applies when you use "colorful" language, but yell at your kids for using the same words in the same way. They don't have your permission, but you do.
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I guess it's a Black Thang.
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It's because they are not the same race as them. However, it's not nice to call people names in general....

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