Is It Rare For People To Have Brown Hair Blue Eyes And Are Left Handed?


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Amber Howard answered
Being left handed can be rare, while blue eyes can be rare also. Most people have brown eyes with brown hair. Right now, I only know two people who are left handed. And altogether, brown hair, blue eyes, and left handed, yes, that is rare.
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I am not sure how rare it is.  I'm all three - my father has brown hair and brown eyes and is left handed, and my mother is brown hair and blue eyes and naturally right handed.
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It is very rare.... I only know 1 person with these 2 combs...
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zhao wenjuan answered
It is not rare for people to have brown hair blue eyes.
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Does this mean I am rare I have naturally brown hair blue eyes and am also left handed I have never heard of this can somebody comment on this for me to explain please and thanks in advance


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