I have brown hair and eyes and my boyfriend have brown hair and blue eyes what is the chance of having a baby with blue eyes?


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Seeing as you both have blue eyes you child could most definitely have blue eyes , though from you're mother or family genes , they might get a different colour eye , maybe because your great great grandmother might have green eyes , you can't be certain , but seeing as you both have the blue eye gene it is very possible your child will turn out with blue eyes , its usually due to which gene is dominating whose .

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actually brown will always be dominant
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Brown will always be dominant to blue but if you have 1 recessive gene for blue eyes of your side of the family then you have a 1/4 chance of getting a blue eyed baby but if no one in your side has blue eyes then that completely erases the chance of having blue eyed babies. Sorry if that's the case because blue eyed babies are really cute. (T.T)

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Well, unless you have a blue eyed gene, then you can't have a baby with blue eyes because blue is recessive to brown. If you do have a blue eyed gene, then the chances are 1/2.

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