Does the sun shine when it rains?


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Over and above the rain clouds the sun is always shining in the daytime coiuntries. If the cloud cover covers your whole area then it will blot the sun completely and therefore  u cannot see it. But if the rainclouds only partially cover your "skies" area then u will see sunshine and also rain and rainclouds together. Then you will most likely see a rainbow. You must have spotted gaps in the rain clouds where the sun filters through at certain times .
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I would suppose so..isnt that why we get rainbows?
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Hi Im A Weirdo, well no, so lets ask the question what forms a primary rainbow and see what we get back... I'm a well I'll you geus - GO ON ASK THE QUESTION and let's see.
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If it's day time the sun is there. It's behind the rain clouds. It wouldn't be day time otherwise and it would be pitch black AND raining. The sun's always there it's just hidden by clouds or being on the other side of the Earth. It'll be there for a good few million years yet too.
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The sun is ALWAYS shining. It NEVER stops, regardless of the weather.

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Yes it does and the "primary rainbow", which is usually the lowest and brightest of the rainbow forms, is red on the upper arc and violet on the inner arc.It is formed by light being reflected once in droplets of water.
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Yes it does on a certain island in the caribbean ,its pouring rain and the sun is blazing hot..

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