What Keeps The Sun Shining?


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The hydrogen climate there which makes everything into it's energy, just like the atom bomb.
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Ray Dart
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No, it isn't, atom bombs are fission weapons, what is happening in the sun is fusion - if you want to compare is with a bomb, it's a hydrogen bomb.
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its hydrogen,, ,,,,
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The sun is really a star and this is the nearest star to the earth. With out the sun's heat, life could not have started on earth, with out the sunlight; there would be no green plants, no animals and no human beings. The sun is 93,000,000 miles from the earth. The volume, or bulk, of the sun is about 1,300,000 times that of the earth. But sun is not a solid body like the earth. The temperature of the sun-surface is about 6000 degrees centigrade. So, the sun must be a globe of gas.

Years ago, scientists believed that the reason of the sun shone was that it was burning. But the sun has been hot for hundreds of millions of years, and nothing could remain burning for that long.

Nowadays scientists believe that the heat of the sun is the result of a process similar what takes place in an atom bomb. The sun changes matter into energy. Twenty eight grams of matter could produce enough energy to melt more than a million tones of rock. So if science is right, the sun keep shinning because it is constantly changing matter in to energy.
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More to the point....the sun fuses hydrogen atoms into helium atoms and the process releases much energy.

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I actually read something recently that said the sun would be equally as hot, regardless of what it was made of.

Apparently the sheer weight of the sun (billions and billions of tons) causes enough gravitational pressure on its core to create super-hot internal temperatures that cause it to burn.

So, technically, you could recreate the shining of the sun by collecting any type of material on that scale: Garden gnomes, ice-cream, cat food...

But, in order to keep the fusion reaction going - and maintain the shining ball of fire we're used to, then it's necessary for the sun to be made of an element like hydrogen - which is a shame because I'd like to see an ever-burning giant ball of garden gnomes in the sky.

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I don't know just a theory the sun was a planet which eroded or a star and became like the vortex of the earth which is molten hot like lava it was stripped of all top soil and became barren and turned into a hot ball of molten lava and gasses so hot and now that is burning out and is affecting climate change on earth they say other life existed on other planets the same thing I believe happened to the moon and mars and other planets, stars. The sun shedding so much light that it gives light too our earth and warmth this is why I believe solar power is the way to go to sustain our envirionment and our vegetation in controlled solar hothouses  vegetation  which is also affected, if this is true then the sun most definatley will burn out  like other redundant planets ,stars.and also I believe the galaxy has other sustainable planets which is why we build rockets space shuttles in search of new sustainable living conditions afar in new planets which is a good idea and probably also been done in the past where we have settled on earth and reproduced for many years explaining also all the different cultures and who beat who where and who owns what territories on earth if we are too sustain our food chain and our light and heat provide by the sun and do not harm our earth anymore by making it inhabitable turning it into another sun or ball of hot gasses and molten lava then we should do so I believe the sun will sustain for many years too come we have too look after the earth we live on and keep looking for new inhabitable planets which we already do but this is how I believe the sun was formed in the beginning it was a planet like earth with a boiling hot molten lava centre which over time eroded and hence became our sun the same possibly happened too the moon or and other planets which may have sustained life just like us who are decended from these inhabitants who migrated too this planet earth  and we are living just the same way still looking for new territories if this being the case it must just be a natural progression and we must keep looking and researching alternatives

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Pretty much wrong from beginning to end, sorry. (And you have some of the longest sentences since Al Capone's)
The sun generates heat and other energy as a consequence of the fusion of hydrogen into helium, a process that releases energy. It was never a planet, although the process that formed the sun, probably created the planets at the same time.
It's also worth making the point that the "other elements" were all created in stars (and supernovae, which are exploding stars).
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Are you or your sentences from the 19th century?

As Ray said, dead wrong. Entertaining though!
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i think all the bunnies and kittens playing together and every sister and brother getting along keeps the sun shining :3

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yes the sun is pwetty

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