What are stem cells, and why is research into them causing such controversy?


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Stem Cells have been found to be the building blocks of human life. Stem Cells contain the DNA information necessary to form other cell forms such as bone marrow, Liver tissue just as a couple of examples. The controversy comes from the use of laboratory human produced embryos to obtain perfect stem Cells that can be "coaxed" into producing specific cell structures. The Religious communities believe that that the embryos are living human children. The controversy stems from the question ,"When does human life begin?"

Embryonic Stem Cells are pure, untouched by disease, and perfect for human medical procedures. It is a moral issue as opposed to a scientific issue.  Stem Cells ARE curing people and giving some of those without any hope of survival a new chance to live their lives out normally. Today's research is only the beginning. Everyday something more is learned and put into use to help the human race.

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