What Are The Issues And Concerns Related To Stem Cell?


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There are two kinds of stem cells and one is significantly less controversial than the other. The obviously controversial kind of stem cell, and stem cell research, is embryonic stem cell and stem cell research. Embryonic stem cells cause uproar because of the fact that they come from an embryo (or an 'unborn child'). Furthermore, research involved with embryonic stem cell research has caused a huge fuss given that many people in the United States believe that once an egg has been fertilized then the embryo become a human and it deserves the right to life. Pro-life campaigners suggest that embryonic stem cell research cannot go on as it involves the taking and the harvesting of embryos, and ultimately the termination of the life of the unborn child.

Whilst the growing cells do not suffer from any pain, many people believe that it is wrong to do this and hence, despite how much embryonic stem cell research could help ill people, it is an incredibly controversial topic. In general, the US Democrats are the ones that think that it is a good idea, whilst the more traditional Republicans in general believe that it is disgusting and must be stopped.

The reason why there is so much interest in embryonic stem cell research is that when cells are taken from an embryo, they are not 'programmed' to do anything in particular. This means that scientists can use the cells to grow organs, body parts, skin and help other parts of an otherwise damaged body to repair itself by providing the body with cells that could literally be turned into anything human.

There will always be disputes over this practice but it seems that experiments are going ahead with both embryonic stem cell research and the less impressive adult stem cell research.
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