What Is The Best Place To Live In Florida For Families?


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These places get recommended by Neighbourhood Scout because they have an optimal mix (from official statistics) of good schools, low crime, a family-friendly atmosphere and other attributes that families usually rate as important.  Many different house price brackes are included, but otherwise the list is in descending order of best mix of attributes:

Windermere, Boca Raton, Winter Springs, Key Biscayne, Longwood, Orange Park, Fort Lauderdale (chiefly west of the Florida Turnpike), Jupiter, Oviedo, Naples.

Other Internet sources suggest living anywhere near St. Petersburg, Winter Park, Clearwater Bech, Pinellas County and Fishhawk Ranch is good for families.

In 2006 Child Magazine put both Miami and Orlando in its top ten family-friendly cities in the USA.  They earnt these ratings because they are easy to get around, have plenty of child-friendly restaurants and other suitable entertainment, including public parks and generally benign weather.
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I live in Northwest Florida. If there is a hurricane you can at least evacuate to the North. In South Florida, there is nowhere to hide. Navarre, Florida is a small coastal town between Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach. We have some of the highest-rated schools in the state with low crime. The housing rate here is quite reasonable compared to South Florida.

The Gulf of Mexico is within 10 minutes. There are lots of parks and there is a good amount of access to the beach. It is not congested too. A 2000 sqft new home are priced from 220,000 for interior lots to 450,000 for bay front lots. Houses on the island run from 450,000 to a couple of million.

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