How do you think climate change will affect you in the future?


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Climate change will have a huge impact on each and everyone of us, both directly and indirectly. No matter what your view is on the cause of climate change, the undeniable truth is that it's happening, and this will lead to lifestyle changes for everyone on the planet.

How will climate change affect you?

  • One day, you'll have to trade in that petrol guzzling car of yours and get a new hybrid, electric or hydrogen-fuel cell car instead.
  • You'll also have to become a recycling ninja. Every household will have to become far more resourceful and we are all going to need to use far less non-biodegradable materials in our everyday lives.
  • The weather will change, so we better be prepared for far more temperature extremes! Expect very cold winters, and warm summers. Overall the temperature of the Earth will increase substantially.
  • The melting of the polar ice caps will cause the oceans to rise and some parts of the world will be completely submerged. Which would make for quite a big lifestyle change!
The biggest impact upon our lives will be how we limit our consumption of materials and fuels. In a society where we are used to copious amounts of plastic-packaging and endless supplies of electricity and fuel these future changes will have a huge impact on our every-day lives.

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