I love Chemistry. But why is Chemistry usually better than Physics and Biology?


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Chemistry, physics and biology are all different branches of science, and so I don't really think you can say any one is better than the others! They're all equally important if we want to understand how the world around us works.

You might find chemistry more fun because it's more interesting, and can be a lot more exciting than studying physics or biology. The experiments you do in chemistry class tend to be more interesting than the things you do in physics or biology class, so that's probably why you think it's better.

Why Is Chemistry More Interesting Than Physics Or Biology?

  • It's more hands-on, and involves doing things yourself rather than studying from textbooks
  • It's fun watching things fizz and smoke and change colour
  • You don't get to do those kind of experiments in any other situation, and so there's definitely a bit of a novelty appeal!
  • It can be exciting to discover new things for yourself (as opposed to listening to your teacher explain how the respiratory system works, for example!)
  • You have to pay attention in order to stay safe, so it's more engaging and you end up concentrating more
Everybody's different, though, and although I can see why you prefer chemistry, it's obvious that not everybody thinks it's the best branch of science — if they did, we wouldn't have any physicists or biologists!

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