How Is Physics Related To Chemistry?


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Physics is a field of scientific study, just like chemistry is. In high schools, physics, chemistry and biology are the three main categories of scientific study. In the world of scientific research and development, physics (the study of motion and matter through time and space) and chemistry (the study of matter, energy and relationships between both elements) are often used together to create structures made with chemical compounds. For example, physics may be used to understand the properties of structural steel and how it reacts to motion from wind or hurricanes; chemistry may be used to create spray coatings that protect steel from fire.

  • Learning about physics, chemistry, and the relationship between the two types of science will be easier if people educate themselves by reading textbooks, scientific journals, and other scientific materials, such as peer-reviewed papers and experiment findings. <br>

  • Some of the world's most prominent physicists and chemists dabbled in other forms of science; they understood that knowledge of all scientific system was essential to making breakthroughs in their chosen fields.

If you're in school and studying both chemistry and physics, consider ways to bring the two types of science together in an experiment. This sort of project could work well for a group assignment, or science project for a school science fair or scholarship competition. Do lots of research about the relationship between chemistry and physics, perform an experiment, and record your results. Before you know it, you'll have a good working knowledge of these important scientific fields. Reading biographies of famous physicists (Isaac Newton) or famous chemists (Marie Curie) will also be inspiring ways to learn more about the study of science.  

Libraries and online resources will offer plenty of ways to understand more about the relationship between chemistry and physics. Teachers and tutors also have plenty of great information to share

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