What are the effects of extremely hot weather on plants?


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Hot weather can be harmful and even lethal to outdoor plants by dehydrating them and damaging their leaves. As leaves are what help plants to photosynthesise (get energy from the sun), damaged leaves can be a bigger deal than they appear to be.

Typical effects of extremely hot weather on plants include:

  • Dehydration
  • Dry or crispy texture
  • A change in colour from green to greenish yellow
  • Withering

How Can I Protect My Plants From Hot Weather?

  • Rather than over-watering your plants, try shading them with something so that they don't lose their moisture in the first place. A canopy would work.
  • Instead of watering them on the surface each day, water them deeply every couple of days. This ensures that their roots receive water, too.
  • Keep the ground around them moist. This can be achieved by laying wet plant waste over the soil.
  • Pull off any dead leaves or flowers. The same goes for anything with a snapped stem.

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