What Is The Effect Of Magnets On Plants?


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Healthy plants are impossible without adequate intake of water and nutrients, and some studies show that magnetic exposure can enhance intake of these essential items. Why do plants react to magnets? Some of the explanation centers on a magnet’s ability to change molecules. This is an important characteristic when applied to heavily saline water. The earth’s magnetic field also has a powerful influence on all life on the planet – kind of like with the old-time gardening method of planting by the moon.

Grade school level experiments are common where the students study the effect of magnets on seeds or plants. The general consensus is that no discernible benefits are noticed. If this is the case, why would the experiments even exist? The magnetic pull of the earth is known to have an effect on living organisms and the biological processes.

The evidence indicates that the earth’s magnetic pull influences seed germination by acting as an auxin or plant hormone. The magnetic field also assists in ripening of such plants as tomatoes. Much of plant response is due to the cryptochromes, or blue light receptors, that plants bear. Animals also have cryptochromes, which are activated by light and then are sensitive to magnetic pull.

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Through a number of experiments, it has proved that magnets play a positive effect on the plants. Magnets can have impact on the percentage and rate of germination of seeds in plants and also on the growth and composition of the seedlings. Two experiments were conducted by a group of scientists, who found that the seeds which were exposed to magnet sprouted faster and they also developed deeper roots. They showed about 20 to 40 faster rate of growth. This shows that magnets have a positive impact on the plants and if they are used in agricultural sector, then they can increase the yield of agricultural crops.

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