What Is The Effect Of Light On Plant Growth?


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Generally it is considered that light has a positive effect on the growth of the plants. However, this statement may not be true in many cases and to study the impact of light on the plant growth, it can be categorized in four groups. These categories include photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, photoperiodism and phototropism.

Photosynthesis is the process during which the plants convert light energy into chemical energy and organic molecules are formed which act as the building blocks of plants and facilitates its growth. Photomorphogenesis is the impact of the intensity of light and the quality of light on the development and growth of plant. High intensity or very low density can have a negative impact on the growth of plant.

Photoperiodism is the impact of length of light on the plants like exposure of the plant to sunlight on daily basis. Moreover, phototropism is the directional growth of the plant because of sunlight. Therefore, it is evident from the above explanation that the impact of light on the growth of the plants can be studied in different aspects.

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