What is big data?


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Ray Dart answered

To an extent, it means what the user implies it means. To take a specific example, think of the largest most well-known social media website. There is a huge amount of data contained within one single entity. And the specific thing here is turning those data into information. Knowing a few facts about "John Smith in Milwaukee" might be useful to his friends and a few marketeers. Knowing about his peer group, about typical Milwaukians, his age group, people called Smith etc. Etc. Is likely to be much more useful to big organisations. 

There are obviously thousands of other instances in ****book alone. Add census information to it, demographics etc. And you have really big and complex data.

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John McCann answered

Large and complex data sets that are hard to manage in traditional ways.

I am no expert here, so, hopefully one will come along to answer you question fully.

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If you don't know what big data is, you should read the article here. In short, "big data" deals with volumes of data that are too large to be processed by traditional methods, but can still be useful. The thing is, a hell of a lot of the way we live today is digital and networked, so a lot more data is being collected.

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