What Is Data Communication?


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Data Communication:

The word data means raw facts and figures; and, communication means to impart or exchange of information, ideas or feelings. Collectively data communication refers to the sending of data from one computer to another. For example data communication means that a network of PC's can route output to a common page printer, that a manufacturer's mainframe computer can communicate with a supplier's mainframe, that you can send your holiday newsletter via e-mail, that a marketing manager can use a PC to access information in a database on the finance department's local area network.

Following are the basic elements of communication:

1. Sender
2. Receiver
3. Medium

A key aspect of data communication is the movement of information electronically from one place to another. The paths or physical channels are those through which data or information travels from one place to another. Communication channels are categorized into guided (wireless media) and unguided communication channels (Wired media). Guided communications are followings:

1. Wire
2. Coaxial cable
3. Optical fibre
Unguided communication is:
1. Microwave
2. Satellite
3. Infrared

The selection of communication channels depends on followings:

1. Capacity
2. Reliability
3. Cost
4. Distance
5. Mobility

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