What are some interesting facts about boron?


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Some cool and interesting facts about the element Boron are:

Boron is not found free in nature, although boron compounds have been known for thousands of years.

The primary source of boron is the mineral Rasorite, also called Kernite, which is found in California's Mojave Desert.

Boron compounds are being evaluated for treating arthritis.

The melting point of boron is 2079°C.

It's boiling/sublimation point is at 2550°C.

Boron has interesting optical properties.

At room temperature, it is a poor electrical conductor, but it is a good conductor at high temperatures.

Boron has the highest boiling point of the semimetals.

Boron has the highest melting point of the semimetals.

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i thought that said BORING facts...

Boron is one of the few words that rhymes with moron. FACT.

Boron is on the periodic table. FACT.

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