Can megestrol acetate mixed suspension used in the treatment of anorexia?


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John McCann answered

Can be used as an appetite stimulant, but anorexia indications are not there. Some other things are going on with someone that is anorexic and a simple appitite stimulant may not be enough here.

Grace Gao Profile
Grace Gao answered

FDA approves megestrol acetate mixed suspension to be available for anorexia cachexia or unexplained weight loss in AIDS patients. 

FDA has made that decision according to the results of pharmacokinetics study. 

Due to the pharmacokinetics study, the biological effect of Megace ES625 mg is equivalent to that of Megace 800 mg if the pill is taken after meals. 

If the pill is taken on an empty stomach, bioavailability of Megace ES is slightly lower than that of Megace.

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