Why Does Carbonation From A Soda Blow Up A Balloon?


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The normal carbonation pressure might not be enough to effectivly blow up a balloon but I can tell you how to make it work better!

Ok, do this outside!

Take a small bottle of diet soda some mentos (from a roll pack not a box) and a balloon. Be sure that you can streech the balloon over the neck of the bottle.

1. Put 2 mentos inside the balloon.

2. Take the cap off the soda.

3. With the mentos in the balloon work the balloons end so it is fully over the neck of the bottle.

4. Now work the mentos thru the balloon and let them drop into the soda.

5. Stand back!!!!!
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Carbonation occurs when carbon dioxide is dissolved in aqueous solutions. The resulting process called effervescence releases gas which blows the balloon up. Suppose a solution of carbonic acid is placed in a bottle with a balloon attached to it's neck.
H2CO3 ------> H2O + CO2

Since Carbon dioxide is lighter than air it rises up and fills the balloon.

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