What Is The Capital Of Northern Ireland?


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The capital of Northern Island is also the largest city of Northern Ireland namely Belfast. The city is situated on River Lagan on Belfast Lough (most probably the city was named after this lough). With an area of 25.9 square miles, Belfast has a total population of 580000 that comprises of the people residing in the city as well as the suburbs surrounding it.

Along with being the capital and the largest city of Northern Ireland, Belfast also is the main industrial centre and lies on Ireland's east coast. Having a vast stretch of shipyards and docks, it is also the chief port and is one of the world's leading shipbuilding centres.

As an industrial centre, Belfast is prolific in opportunities of investment. The industries (opportunities of investment) are inclusive of the textile manufacturing industry, aircraft manufacturing industry, alcoholic beverage industry, canned foods industry, tobacco industry and also sugar processing industry.

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