Where Is The River Nile Located?


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The Nile river is located in North-eastern Africa, and is the longest river in the world.

Its source is Lake Victoria (which is located in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania).

The river then travels North and runs through the following ten countries:

  1. Sudan
  2. South Sudan
  3. Burundi
  4. Rwanda
  5. DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  6. Tanzania
  7. Kenya
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Uganda
  10. Egypt
Where is the Nile river? The country that the Nile is most commonly associated with is Egypt, although only 22% of the river is actually located within the country's borders.

In countries like Egypt, the river is responsible for creating rich, farm land alongside its banks, and is the reason that the Ancient Egyptian civilization was able to flourish in what was otherwise a desert environment.

Where does the Nile begin? The starting point of the Nile is actually a rather complex issue. Although I mentioned Lake Victoria above, the answer is not that simple - as Lake Victoria is fed by several sources.

If you take into consideration where Lake Victoria gets its water from, then the Kagera river (and its tributary the Ruvubu) could be considered to be the true source of the Nile.

Both these rivers are located in the country of Burundi.

If you're interested in learning more about the Nile, I'd recommend the following documentary:

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The Nile is longest river in the world and is located in northeastern Africa. Lake Victoria, in east central Africa, is the main source of the river.

The Nile flows north through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea. The length of the river is 5584 km (3470 mile).

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North-east Africa. It flows through 10 countries.
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The Nile river is in Egypt.
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It is located in Africa and runs through Egypt.
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It's two rivers. Blue Nile starts in Uganda (Victoria lake) through Sudan it goes and White Nile from Ethiopia. (Tana lake also goes through Sudan and they join to create the river Nile and then goes through Egypt.)

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