What Is The Cost To Complete The Education In Forensic Science?


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Around 15,000+
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Forensic scientist is a generic name for someone who is most likely trained in 

crime scene and all associated fields - I saw forensic "psychologist" to study online

on one of the universities that offer some degree, but I really would rather depend on

community college (that is supposedly cheaper in comparison with most colleges or universities

out there- plus would allow you to figure out whether you care for the field or not,

You'd maybe care enough about different and much higher levels of forensic studies, 

one that is very specialized, specific, interesting, and gives you a good feeling of accomplishment

is forensic organic "biology" -meaning that it deals with the cell structures rather than finger prints...

It is so special- it allows (and already did) to free many people prove their innocence by their DNA

and thus hope to those few who indeed are innocent of the crime they were convicted and all they have is even hardly visible piece of , let's sat human tissue  involved in the crime and the probability is so high that such forensic scientist could testify whether this or that individual could be connected to the crime at all! That's something unique and such forensic scientist would give someone deserving back his/her life.

Yet, there are many kinds of forensic scientists,.and that's why it would be better to start in a community college for a cheaper courses to see if you are even interested in this are.

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