What Is The Chemical And Structural Formula For The Hydro Carbon "Butyl Fluoride"?


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The chemical formula for the hydrocarbon butyl fluoride is C4H9F. Therefore it contains four atoms of the element carbon, nine atoms of the element hydrogen and one atom of the element fluorine. Its molecular mass is 76.11 grams per molecule, which is usually written as 76.11g/mol.The CAS-number of the hydrocarbon fluorobutane is 2366-52-1.

The structural drawing of a structure comprising the atoms that make up the hydrocarbon fluorobutane is H9C4-----F. The chemical names of the compound are 1-flouro-butane, N-butyl fluoride, 1-fluorobutane, butane, 1-flouro and butyl fluoride.

N-butyl fluoride is considered to be a type of hydrocarbon because, like all other hydrocarbons, N-butyl fluoride is also a substance which contains atoms of the two elements, hydrogen and carbon. Fossil fuels are made up of hydrocarbons. Many hydrocarbon compounds are major pollutants of the air. However, in addition to the two elements which make it a hydrocarbon, N-butyl fluoride also contains an atom of the element fluorine.

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