Where Does The Mississippi River Start And End?


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The Mississippi river extends from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico on the south coast of the USA. The river is approximately 3,779 km (2,348 miles) long.

It is the second longest river in the United State of America, following the Missouri, which is 2.5 miles longer. However, the Missouri is sometimes shown to be a tributary of the Mississippi. At its highest point the river is at an elevation of 446 m. It enters the Gulf of Mexico about 160 km from New Orleans.

The river is also the fourth longest in the world behind the Yangtze in third place, which is in China. In second place is the Amazon, which flows through Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Guyana. The longest river in the world is the Nile, which stretches through Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

     The southern end of the Mississippi has been attributed to a lot of flooding. In 1927 there was a disastrous flood when an estimated 67,300 sq m of land was saturated in water. During this time the river rose to 17 m in Cairo, Illinois. Levee walls have been built by the government, which stand between 5 and 7 m high. Waterways have also been created to carry the water away to the Gulf of Mexico.
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The Mississippi or the great river is the second longest river in the United States. It flows through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri in the US.

The river originates from Lake Itasca 450 meters above sea level and empties into the Gulf of Mexico, distance between the two is 3,733 km, and the process takes approximately ninety days. It's divided in 2 sections the Upper Mississippi and the Lower Mississippi. Upper Mississippi is sub divided into headwaters, man made lakes and free flowing rivers and also consists of 29 locks and dams.

The Mississippi is commercially one of the most exploited water bodies on the face of the planet. The river is still very important from an agricultural viewpoint. More than ninety per cent of America's agricultural exports are from the Mississippi basin. Nearly 80 per cent of the worlds exported food grains are grown in the same basin.
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Mississippi River is famous for being the second largest river in the United States being second only to the Missouri River which is actually a tributary of Mississippi River. It has a total length of 2340 miles or 3770 kilometers that is why its name means ‘great or big river’. The source from which the river comes out from is Lake Itasca which is in Clear Water County in Minnesota. The source is 450 meters above sea level. It flows down to the Gulf of Mexico where it drains into the ocean just 100 meters downstream from New Orleans. By volume it is the fifth largest river in the world as it drains almost 7000 to 20000 cubic feet per second into the ocean.
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Um, I think in alabama!?
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