Where Does The Congo River Begin And End?


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It starts in central Africa and ends in Angola. Then it feeds into the Atlantic ocean.
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♥ Starts in Ft. Lauderdale and ends in Mims.  This is highly searched and corrected by scientists.
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Start from africa.
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In africa!!!
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The congo river starts at middlesbrough
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The Congo river is the fifth largest in the world and the second largest in the continent of Africa. The origins of the Congo river are thought to be high up in the mountains of the East African Rift. Lake Tanganyika and Lake Sumeru are also

Some people consider which is the longest tributary of a specific river while determining the actual point of origin, and by this math, the actual source of the Congo would be the Chambeshi river in Zambia.

The Congo is a major river that flows through quite a few African countries - The Democratic Republic of Congo, the the People's Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, Zambia, Cameroon, Angola, as well as Tanzania.

The Congo pours out into the Atlantic Ocean, letting out phenomenal volumes of water each second. This number can be as high as 1.2 million cubic feet a second.
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Congo River is the largest river in West Central Africa and the second largest river in Africa. The length of this river is 4,700 km or 2,922 miles. According to International standards, the longest tributary is referred to as the source of a river, thus the source of Congo river is Chambeshi river in Zambia. It ends with falling into the sea at the town of Muanda.
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Congo River is considered as the largest river that is located in the Western Central Africa. The length of this river is 4,700 kilometers and after the River Nile it is the longest river of overall Africa.

The Congo river begins in the highlands and mountains of East African Rift as well as Lake Tanganyika and Lake Mwera. These lakes also feed the Lualaba River. This river also becomes the Congo river after Boyoma Falls. However, the overall source of the river is taken to be Chambeshi River in Zambia.

This river ends when it narrows down and flass through a number of cataracts in Livingstone falls. Which then fall into the sea at the small town of Muanda.

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