Where Does The River Rhine Start?


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The Rhine River is the most important landscape of Europe. This river is one of the longest rivers in the world with a range of approximately 815 miles to 820 miles. The name is related from German language. Even in the old days the river was considered as a life line for any tribal or civilization in Europe & evidently many wars have been fought around this river's banks. The Roman historical facts have shown the high importance this river, which was considered a border line between the Gaul & Celts.

The Rhine, origins in the Alps of Switzerland where two different tributes join together to form one massive and distant route to northern Europe. It passes through other countries such as Liechtenstein & Austria & empties into Lake Constance. From here it passes through the Rhine Falls & joins by Aare river, westwards, till it form a boundary from Germany where it moves to city of Basel. From Basel it moves more westwards towards Netherlands while crossing many German cities which have seen industries erupt in recent times. Entering into Netherlands, it moves up to Spijk and then disperses into many tributaries. Where it still moves north west into Netherlands, it gives reviving source of clean & drinking water to many towns and cities including Rotterdam.
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The Rhine River originates from the Swiss Alps in the region of Graubunden, where it's two main tributaries namely Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein. The Rhine is one of the longest and the most important rivers in the continent of Europe. It is 1,320 kilometres long. It has an average discharge of 2000 cubic meters per second. It starts from Switzerland and ends on the North Sea.

The name of the river has its origin in old German Rhine, that can seek its origin in the Middle High German, Rin from the proto-indo European root Reie which means to run or to flow, from the Celtic language.

The river has been a vital waterway for navigation since the days of the Roman Empire. It was used for carrying trade and goods deep inland.

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