How Many Valence Electrons Are In Neon?


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Neon is a noble gas. It is inert. This means, that under normal conditions, it would not react with any other element. All elements that react with other elements use their valence electrons during the reaction. Some elements donate or accept these electrons while others share them. The basic aim of all chemical reactions is the reacting elements trying to complete their valence octet. This is required so that they may become stable.
So, since neon is an inert nobel gas, the number of electrons in its outermost electron shell is eight. Its octet is already complete and therefore, it does not require to undergo any other chemical reaction.
Also, it is present in Group VIII, so that should tell you anyway that it has eight valence electrons. ;)
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There are 8 valence electrons in neon. Because it is in Group 18 of the Periodic Table, that tells you already that there are 8 valence electrons.

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