Why Does Adding Sugar Make Boiling Water Temperature Higher?


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The boiling point of water depends on the pressure, however if sugar is added to water, then the pressure and hence the boiling point changes. The boiling point of a solution of sugar in water, or of a juice, under a given pressure, increases with the concentration of the solution. This is to say that decreasing purity also increases the boiling point.To explain in more detail, the increase in the boiling point of water depends on the number of molecules you add to the liquid. Sugar has very large molecules. Sugar has a molecular weight that is 3 times larger than that of salt. It does not split up in different particles when in water as salt does. So adding 7g of sugar into water you're adding 700,000,000,000,000,000,000 particles to the water. As soon as any of the sugar dissolves in the water, the boiling point of the water will begin to rise by half a degree Celsius for every 180 grams of sugar dissolved. Sugar in the water should raise the boiling point of the solution, meaning that it will need to reach a higher temperature before it begins to boil. Thus taking longer to boil, but raising the overall boiling point.
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Adding table salt to water causes the water to boil at much higher temperatures. This is because the water molecules near the surface bop around when the water is about to boil. They get kicked and pushed by the nearby jiggling molecules into the air. The air molecules right above knock them back. Water boils only when enough surface molecules have enough energy to actually zap past the air molecules that are directly above the water surface. When we add salt to water, the salt molecules accompany the jiggling water molecules so water molecules have a small chance of getting kicked by a neighbor hard enough to be able to escape. As the salt molecules are very weak. So few water molecules get past the air molecules and it takes longer for the water to boil.
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Adding sugar in water, increases its boiling point because impurities increase the boiling point of water and here sugar is acting as an impurity in water.
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Boiling point of sugar is higher than water.
The bond between water ang sugar molecules help water resist evaporation hence increasing its boiling point.
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Because addition of impurity increase boiling point.sugar act as impurity in water.
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It increases the molarity so therefore raises the boiling point
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It makes the overall vapor pressure lower than the pure substance; so, you have to heat it more (as compared to the pure substance) to make it boil.

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