How Many Grams Of Sodium Are In 75g Of NaCl?


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One mole of sodium chloride has a mass of 58.5 g. We calculate this from the atomic masses of sodium and chlorine:

Atomic masses:

Sodium: 23
Chlorine: 35.5

Molecular mass = 23 + 35.5
  = 58.5

Now, you can see from the equation above that in 58.5g of NaCl, there are 23g of sodium.
So, to find the grams of sodium in 75g NaCl, we would do the following calculations:

Grams of sodium in 75g NaCl = 23x75

= 29.5

Thus, there are 29.5 grams of sodium in 75 grams of sodium chloride.
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This question is basic chemistry. To solve it, let us see what the molecular masses of all the substances involved are.
There is sodium and there is sodium chloride.
The weight of one mole of sodium is 23.
To find the molecular weight of sodium chloride, we need the atomic mass of both sodium and chlorine. Sodium is 23 as I have already mentioned and Chlorine is 35.5. You can find these values easily from the Periodic Table.
Since the formula for sodium chloride is NaCl, we can see that it is a combination of one sodium and one chloride. So, we simply add the atomic masses of the two elements (Note that chlorine exists here as chloride which means it has gained one electron from sodium. But this does not change the atomic mass as electrons have negligible weight in an atom).

So, the calculations:

So, we can see that in 58.5 grams of NaCl, there are 23 grams of sodium. Now to find out how many grams of sodium there are in 75 grams of NaCl, we would do the following ratio calculations:

Grams of sodium= (75x23)/58.5
  = 29.49 grams

Your Answer ----> 75 grams of sodium chloride has 29.49 grams of sodium.
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There are 29.51 grams of sodium in 75 grams in sodium chloride. Here's how I do it:There is 39.34% of sodium in sodium chloride. Therefore,100x   multiplied by 100 = 39.3475Now, solve for x and the answer comes to 29.51 grams.

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