How Are Monerans And Protists The Same?


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  Monerans are all one-celled like your ameba or bacteria. Protists are either one-celled or many-celled depending on their struture, like algae. Those are the similarities and differences of monerans and protists.
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No they are not the same. These belong to two different kingdoms as biologists have divided living organisms into 5 major kingdoms. These are Monera, the Protista, the Fungi, the Plantae, and the Animalia.

Monerans are the simplest form of life in out earth. This is because they comprise of a single cell. They are also called procaryotes. Members of Kindom Monera primarily constitute of many species of bacteria. Some examples of such bacterium are cyanobacteria and purple bacteria. Some monerans can carry out the process of photosynthesis like in that of plants with energy from sunlight while others have characteristics of animals and must get their food from outside.

Protista another kingdom of living organisms have protests in them that are again a diverse group of organisms called eukaryotes. The protists are also quite simple in make. They can be unicellular or multicellular but do not have specialized tissues to carry out complex functions. Protists can be sub divided into several groups based on similarities. They comprise of Protozoa which has animal characteristics, algae that are like plants and others that are like fungus.
In olden times bacteria were thoughts of as protests but not so any more.
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what is the similarities of protist and monera?

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They reproduce by splitting apart

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