Since Money Can't Bring Happiness For Us, Why We Still Need To Improve Our Economic Status?


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It is quite easy for people to say that money cannot buy us happiness, but in today's world, you cannot live happily without money. The average living costs of a person have gone up so high, that the person living on a minimum wage cannot himself keep happy, forget about keeping his family happy. In order to survive in this world, you need money. With money, you are able to look after your food, clothing and shelter. You are able to meet your basic necessities of life. One cannot just live on food, clothing and shelter. He may want something more out of a life, like marriage and kids. For all of this, he needs a lot of money. He needs money to look after his retirement and his kids' education. It is rightfully said that money can't buy you happiness, but being happy all the time won't be able to keep you alive.
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In today's world of competition we are so much concerned about money that we have stop thinking about ourselves. That's 100% true that without money we are nothing, we even can't move one step without money, because that is the basic need of our life. For our livelihood we have to earn money.

Yes that is also true that money can't bring happiness then why we are running for it .happiness plays an important role in our lives. If we are earning thousands of dollar and living a luxurious life in which we have every thing we have no issue regarding money but there is no connection between the people living in that environment they are busy in money making it means that money is useless.

Because money is good until we need it otherwise it is a big problem now other thing is that if we are happy but we don't have enough amounts for our food then that reason can also affect our satisfaction or happiness because every body needs money. We are just running for money .we want a big house, we want car, we want a handsome amount of bank balance and property. We have just restricted our selves to that money making and we know that it can't give us happiness and satisfaction but still we are running for it for our better future and our children secure future.

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