Have humans finished evolving?


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Species evolve due to environmental pressures.  As Vicky said, we have evolved to the point that we control so many aspects of our environment, or how we adapt to environmental changes through the use of our evolved use of technology. The prognosis is that humans will not change drastically in terms of our physique, but additional behaviors which benefit our survivability may work their way into the gene pool if those behaviors remain consistent for a long enough period of time.

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As long as there are cells mutating, we're technically evolving I guess... Whether we'll survive on this planet long enough to see any form of meaningful human evolution is another question.

I went to a talk recently, where the speaker suggested something quite scary... The fact that so much information is accessible through the internet and via Google means our brains may be changing because they are less incentivized to store data and memories.

I also love seeing pictures of what artists think we'll end up looking like in the future. Hopefully we'll look back at these photos in 3025 and laugh!

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From evolving to drink milk to having a more efficient brain (shrinking for faster synapsis response), here are five off the top of Mental Floss's head.

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Such poor answers devoid of any biological validity.

Evolution is the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms. Thus, humans always evolve.

If you mean speciation you must realize that evolutionary theory ( the theory of evolution by natural selection ) is a poor predictor of the future. Natural selection is the nonrandom survival and reproductive success of randomly varying individual organisms. With the proper selection pressure and mutation(s) humanity could speciate, but no one could predict that as the selection pressure is  randomized by humanities niche occupation and mutation is random in and of itself Mutation will happen, but in  no set numerical ( predictable ) order.

To ask if humans have " finished " evolving is to ask an ill posed question. Evolutionary progression is not linear, does not have a goal in mind and is certainly not teleological in nature. 

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Wow... poor question AND poor answers. We are lucky to have you here to knock some sense into us.
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@ Kaywinnet Frye

Considering your reading skills one would think that you never took a freshman level biology course.

Your comment is as ill posed as the question.
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The only point you have is on the top of your head.


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