According to evolution humans evolved from lower species and in turn those species also have evolved, so what was the beginning and how can all of this happen without conscious intent?


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It is survival, not conscious intent, that drives evolution. 

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I don't think that is evolution, it is manipulation. Just like breeding cattle. You get a better breed of cattle, not for survival, but for eating LOL
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Breeding is not "natural evolution" It is something that humans did to the animals. Crossbreeding of animals naturally (if the offspring survive and multiply) is a form of evolution. As for your dinosaurs, once they had been brought back, if they physically or mentally adapted without human efforts, that would be evolution.
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Evolution is, in my opinion, survival of the fittest. Something evolves to survive in a changing world (area). If the world changes, the fittest survive. The super bugs etc. Man may have caused the world to change so I guess some of cause is not natural.
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Your question essentially asked for the beginning and, as it happens, I did some original research on just this subject. A year or two back one of our Asklings wanted to know who built the first dam and, after spending weeks at the public library, I was able to come up with the answer. Oddly enough, it also answers your question about the origin of life.

Long, long ago, in an ocean far, far away, there lived a boy amoeba named Adam and a girl amoeba named Eve. The tide swept them together and they coupled and in time they had two munchkin amoebas. They called the first one Cain, because they could, and the second one Abel, because they were able.

In time the family found their way out of the ocean and into a stream. Adam built a wall across it to hold back the fresh water.

Eve Amoeba said, "What's that?" but Adam didn't know and could only
repeat his name. He thought that if he did that three times it was as good as registering the patent. So he said, "Adam, A-dam, a dam." And that's how the world's first dam was built and why it's called a dam.

So now you know why people were put on Earth. It was to build dams, and you've learned that life originated in the sea.

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Jacskon, forgive me, I'm pulling your leg. It wasn't a "guess" it was a complete spoof. Life beginning in the sea is factual enough but after that it's all fantasy. Sorry about that.
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haha sorry you seemed pretty pissed off...
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It's all an act, Jackson. Comes from being married for more than half a century. We takes our fun where we can find it. >:-/
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If there were a "conscious intent" directing evolution ... Especially an all-powerful, all-knowing deity ... Then there wouldn't be so many evolutionary "dead ends".

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