Where Does A True Cockney Live?


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'Cockney' is referred to the working class people of East London. When someone is born within the hearing distance of the Bow Bells then he or she is called as a 'true cockney'. The Bow bells are the bells of St Mary-le-Bow church (Cheap side) in the city of London.

The area in which the bells can be heard include Finsbury, Hoxton, Stepney, Shadwell,
Clerkenwell, Shoreditch,Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Shadwell, Bermondsey and Rotherhithe.
A person born in this area is termed as 'True Cockney'.

Cockney speakers usually use Cockney rhyming slang. According to true cockney speaker, the rhyming slang was invented just for fun. The cockney accent is unique and at times confusing to be deciphered especially when spoken in slang.

Some famous cockneys; Michael Caine and Charlie Chaplin are famous Hollywood Film Stars. Some of other famous cockneys are Samantha Fox- a famous model and singer, Kenny Jones-musician, Angela
Lansbury- a famous actress, David Beckham- footballer and Gary Oldman- a famous actor and Director.

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