Where Is Wokingham?


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Wokingham is a little market town and civil parish located in Berkshire towards the south east of England, positioned closed to Reading and Bracknell.

It is spread over a total area of five hundred fifty seven acres; the total population of this town is 30,403 according to the census conducted in the year 2001. Wokingham is based on the Emm Brook towards the Loddon Valley in mid Berkshire. It is positioned in between Reading and Bracknell and was initially in a group of farming land. Wokingham comprises of many suburbs like Emmbrook, Mattewsgreen, Dowlesgreen, Woosehill, Limmerhill and Eastheath, earlier names include Woodcray and Luckley Green.

The Northern region, centered on Ashridge, was constantly a detached portion of Whiltshire. The historic parish was distributed in the year 1894 into two urban and rural civil parishes.
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The small market town that is known with the name of Wokingham can be located in the region of South East England. It is a civil parish in the historical and ceremonial county of Berkshire and also the seat of the local government district of Wokingham.

Originally the area was an agricultural locality on the western edge of the Windsor Forest and later developed into a market town. The suburbs of the area are Emmbrook, Metthewsgreen, Dowlesgreen, Woosehill, Limmerhill and Eastheath.

The area was famous for the tradition of bull-baiting which was started by George Staverton in the year 1661. The system has become obsolete now but it was continued for long time. The area is also well known for its bell foundry which it supplied to many churches in the southern part of England.

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