How does psychology differ from false explanations of behavior?


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Not much!

Psychology never seems to throw anything out. I was shocked to see that in 2006 a psychology class at City College Of San Francisco was teaching pure behaviorism, something that has had it's main premise refuted long ago. There are still 100,000 people taking Freudian psychoanalysis in New York City at this time. In France the popular method for treating autism is psychoanalysis.

Some of the newer cognitive theory comes closer to what is naturally known, but close is sometime not close enough.

The two most rigorous areas in psychology, psychometrics and behavior genetics, are also the most " controversial " areas of psychology, at least among the less rigorous areas of psychology.

Only psychology will tell you that somethings are myths ( the biological behavioral underpinnings of humans ) when their explanations are too vapid even to be wrong.

Just in from Scientific American. Read it and weep!

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