I just read a New Scientist article about the Multiverse -- the quantum-linked theory that there are an infinite number of universes, each one inhabited by an equally infinite number of Didges? It sounds whacked out to me but I know that many scientists believe it to be literally true. I lack the education to make any realistic judgement. Would some of you care to check the link and comment, please? https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22329880-400-multiverse-me-should-i-care-about-my-other-selves

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I've not read the article, but I have watched documentaries about the universe and this is a subject that came up in a few of them. Kind of wild. And these were not questionable scientists, these were well known respected astrophysicists. I'm book marking it for reading tomorrow.

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That's what puzzled me, too. My pharmacist keeps a few copies to read while we're waiting and I found it there. I've run across the same idea in sci-fi but hadn't realised it was seriously held by such esteemed scientists. One guy, for instance, has found a way to explain why God (he's a Christian) allows evil in the world.

I was rather taken with the idea of playing "Multiverse Russian Roulette". You may survive in this life but be responsible for your alter-ego dying in many others.

Fascinating stuff.
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It kind of blew my mind the first time I heard it, sounded more like something from "Ancient Aliens"
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I personally don't believe it, although many do.  I've read a lot about this, and don't really have a definitive answer.  I also don't believe the Shroedinger's Cat theory (If you don't know what it is just google it.) however lots of physicists do.  The problem with this stuff is that we can't get solid proof, yet we can't disprove it.  Hoped this helped!

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Thank you both. Yep, I did know about Mr Schroedinger and his puddy cat though I hadn't realised it was intended to be a rebuttal. I learn new things every day on here.
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Wow. Didn't know that. Thanks for the info, Kay.

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