How old is the metric system versus the imperial system?


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Metric was first introduced in 1799 (but abolished and then reinstated), the Imperial system in 1824. So both were in common use from the early 19th century.

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Korvo and Charles have answered your question but, of course, the metric system has been making its way across the globe since then. In Australia we switched to decimal currency in 1966 and the metric system from 1974.

All that is probably of little interest except that it allows me to say that in 1980 the breakfast announcer on a leading Sydney radio station announced that, in the spirit of metrication, they would in future be using metric time. He then said, "The time is now seven point two two."

After a few more "metric" time calls the station's switchboard was flooded from protesters (who couldn't work out that 7 point 2 2 was actually 7.22) and he was happy to announce that perhaps that had forgotten the date. It was April 1.

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Charles Davis
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There was a movie, about when Canada went to the metric system, and how refueling a plane went bad, because the fuelers had no idea what the ratio from Metric to Imperial was, nearly cause a jet to crash.
Didge Doo
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Sloppy. That should never have happened. In circumstances like that the salient information should have been on hand. Obviously they weren't properly trained.
Charles Davis
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Yeah they weren't, the additional downfall to the condition was the fuel gauge on the plane was not working, which to me should have shut down the plane until fixed.

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