Why Was The Metric System Invented?


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As science began to develop few hundred years ago, scientists had trouble with measurements. Standards vary from nation to nation and even within one country. So during the 1700's scientists argued for sensible system of measurements that could be accepted all over the world.
Such a system was invented in France in 1791. The French had other reason for doing that. They were in the middle of a revolution at the time. The leaders of the revolution wanted to get away from all the reminders of their hated past. They were therefore very much willing to set up a new system of measurement.
They began with length. They decided to establish the 'meter' as a standard. Because of this the entire system is called the metric system.
All units of measurement in this system length, capacity, and mass are linked in some way to the meter.
Actually the metric system is easy to remember and easy to use. At first, though, people did not want to change over. In 1840 the French Government had to insist that the people use the metric system or be punished.
Other nations gradually adopted the metric system and today every nation or almost country of the world uses it.
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The metric system is based of of powers of 10, such as 1 meter is the same as 100 centimeters or 1 kilometer is the same as 1000 meters, which makes it easier to multiply different units if we have 700 centimeters that is very easy to change to meters we just divide by 100 and get 7 so 700 cm is equal to 7 meters that's a lot easier than changing 700 inches to yards, or some other non-metric conversion.
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The metric system was invented so all the dummies out there could find the answer to their math problems! DUH!
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Because the donut overlords commanded a system be named after their leader. His name was Hilary Metric.

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