how does motion relate to time and distance?


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I have no idea :) but since no one has answered your q this is the best answer then :)

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Motion as velocity?

Average velocity = change in distance/change in time

To kick it up a notch to equations of kinematics.

X(distance) = 1/2(Vo + V)t

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Well then... It's a good thing we broke up or this would have been an all out war ;p
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Remember what Littlefinger said about math and war. If numbers win wars then we would be ruled by mathematicians.
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That's why math and science need to be tempered with philosophy to allow for every day use.
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philosophically speaking time and distance are abstract ideas the only thing that counts is the movement focus on the movement and the time and distance won't matter and  you'll get there faster by not focusing on the time it takes

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